Matthew Hackney

Scholar · Gentleman · Mystic
New York · London · Hong Kong

My Portfolio

My Expertise.


Founder, Director, Professor, Mentor - just a few hats I wear with my work in industries such as enterprise, non-profit, higher education, and the incubator space.


20 years experience as an elite programmer, hacker, poet. I love clean code and fluent in a dozen languages. Azure, NodeJS, and C++ are just a few of my current favorites.

Media Production

Led mid-size agency using RED, Arri, Adobe, Autodesk and other suites for full scale production and distribution. Partnered with major TV networks and game studios.


15 years experience designing data centers in mixed-cloud environements using VMWare, Azure, and AWS. Setup plans and procedures for data security, penetration testing, and compliance.


Expert in international fiscal management with relationships in Hong Kong, Europe, Central America, and USA. 15 years experience with traditional banking APIs and 7 years experience in crypto-currencies.

Consumer Engagement

Crowd source expert. 20 years experience growing brands into cultures and impact-driven consumer engagement working with millions of clients with SaaS models that also have physical locations or tangible products.

International Law

Vast knowledge of IP protection, Patent acquisition and enforcement, Franchise expansion, and Visa protocols needed in an Enterprise environment.

Asset Protection

Have designed Technical Standards for Government Operations to ensure usability and Security for confidential data. 14 years experience as Government consultant.

Growth Hacker

Market prediction expert with over 18 years of proven marketing strategies to scale. Have designed recipes for guaranteed expansion and consumer awareness.


Ivy League Partnership
LMS Partner for 12 Universities
2008 – 2015
Fortune 500 Mentor
Consultant & Coach to Top Execs
Government Penetration Test
Successful Data Breach
'96, '99, '04, '11

Startup Culture

2015 - Today
Tao Leraning Institute
Founding Director
2014 - 2016
Costa Rica Rainforest Incubator
Executive Director
2005 - 2014
Santa Barbara Creative Agency
Creative Director


  • Executive Direction
  • Creative Director
  • Project & Fiscal Management
  • IT Development
  • Culture & Community Development

About Me.

I strive for excellence and coach others to their highest potential. My achievements can be seen in the communities I build and the managers I create.
Hometown: Ravenswood, WV
Current City: New York, NY
Phone: +1 929-999-6624
Motto: Awaken Within, Live Without
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Hobby: Ballroom Dance
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My Philosophy.

Every man has a code they live by.
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